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Ten Google Page One Search Marketing Secrets
by Troy Miller - 2020 Impact Design & Marketing

Below are Ten Google Page One Secrets that can make a difference to a website's search results.

The Internet is an evolving medium and techniques that worked 5 years ago don't work today due to Google's algorithm updates. Google is leading the evolution with their high traffic volumes and ongoing quest to provide the best search results, data and tools for Internet users.

Google are continuing to develop new ways to find the most important and related sites for searches such as; page rank scores, mobile friendly sites, social signals, video content and quality backlinks. These are in addition to the W3C construction standards and on-page optimisation techniques required for search listings.

To learn how to develop Internet success, read our Ten Google Page One Search Marketing Secrets:


Secret 1.0 Research Google's Search, SEO and Web Advice

Google provides a lot of information on search marketing, search engine optimisation and website development. Google has many tools to assist website development and they provide videos from Google experts like Matt Cutts, who provides insights into the Google algorithm.

Matt Cutts Search Advice from Google
To play Matt Cutts video click the window above


Matt Cutts General SEO Advice

- Original content increases page rank V's syndicated, duplicated or borrowed content

- Text should be text on-page, not embedded in graphics (Google can't index graphic text)

- Google Maps assist local business searches, get a Google Maps listing and link to your business

- Diversify search terms from evidenced based research e.g. Google Webmaster Tools or Analytics

- Google doesn't trust the keyword meta tag, so don't use this as your only descriptive text

- Google considers meta titles and descriptions very importantly and prefers to use them if available

- Google indexes URL separators differently, dashes (sees 2 words) & underscores (see 1 word)

- Adwords Keyword Planner advises what users are searching and provides evidence

- User reviews and comments add indexable (original) text content, which Google likes

- Hacking web servers is increasing and sites must have good server security

- Security for CMS systems like Wordpress and Joomla is critical, patch with latest updates

- Develop targeted themed backlinks, avoid generic low quality site backlinks (bulk link providers)

- Keyword phrases and synonyms, repeat 2-3 times on page, can assist search listings

- Social Signals (Google+1/Shares/Likes/Tweets assist Google listings and page rank

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Secret 2.0 Understand Google's Page Display

Google is the most successful search engine and almost 90% of search traffic is conducted on Google according to Hitwise a leading Internet research company. Therefore if you want to attract visitors and do well on the Internet, you need to list on Google.

Google Page 1 Breakdown

- Search 'Small Business Websites The Gap'

The Google page is separated into 3 zones; Zone 1 is the 'Adwords Sponsored' area, above the grey line, Zone 2 is the 'Adwords Sponsored' area in the right column and Zone 3 is the free main column in the middle.

To list in the 'Sponsored' areas Zone 1 or 2, a business uses Google Adwords Advertising, with ads using keywords. To get a listing the advertiser must use these keywords and have sufficient budget to win-the-bid (around $2.00 per click), which varies for different keywords from $1.00 to $10.00 per click.

Google decides if the advertiser makes Zone 1 or Zone 2 and the higher the bid or ad quality score (using site links + extensions + landing pages), the higher the possibility of making Zone 1.

To list in Zone 3 the organic free area, a web page must make the top ten listings. In this example 'Small Business Websites The Gap' these terms are in the page meta details (code behind page).

2020 Impact is listed in free organic positions 1-4 in Zone 3, from the terms 'Small Business Websites The Gap' in the meta title, descriptions and page URL tag. Without these terms the listing would not occur.

Brisbane Websites Google Page 1

The blue headings generally come from the meta page title, around 60 characters of real estate available to describe each page. The meta title is the most important area of a page for search listing purposes so careful consideration should be given to each page title.

The black descriptions generally come from the meta page description, around 140 characters of real estate available to describe each page. These summaries can also be indexed from page H1 or H2 headings and general content, when meta descriptions are missing or incomplete.

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Secret 3.0 The Importance of Meta Details (Metadata)

Meta details relate to the construction of a HTML page and incorporate descriptive meta tags which are behind each page in the code. Meta details are an important industry standard and promoted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). For more in depth information about HTML pages and meta details visit:
The Global Structure of a HTML Page

The meta titles and description are important for search listings as they inform search engine robot crawlers (spiders) about the nature and content of a web page. Of these elements the page title and description, along with H1 and H2 heading tags carry the most influence. The meta name 'keywords' tag is no longer required as it was eliminated by Google to combat keyword stuffing.

Other general meta tags can be useful for indexing instructions like these:

meta name="rating" content="general"
meta name="author" content="Troy Miller"
meta name="copyright" content="2020 Impact"
meta name="revisit-after" content="4 Days"
meta name="expires" content="never"
meta name="distribution" content="The Gap, Brisbane, Australia"
meta name="robots" content="index, follow"

Open Graph tags have become popular for social marketers as they provide control over what information is shared from a web page to third parties e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. By using Open Graph tags (rich 'graph' objects i.e. og:title) you're advising how to display your web page content on social media.

Meta Details from page 'The Gap Website Design'
2020 Impact Brisbane Websites Meta Details

While meta details are hidden from view in the background, anyone can see the meta details of a web page by selecting View + Source (code) in their web browser (IE/Firefox/Safari) and a pop-up window will show the meta details.

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Secret 4.0 The Importance of Page Meta Titles

The meta title is a key part of a web page for Google search listing purposes. When building web pages and search listings make sure to write the appropriate meta details (titles and descriptions) in the page code. You can do this with a HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or when using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla.

The listing below from Secret 2.0 shows correlation between search terms, search listings and meta titles to deliver the search result. Google's algorithm takes many factors into consideration to bring you the best result on page one. In addition to content other factors come into play to achieve a listing, e.g. Page Rank scores and competition. So if you're having issues with listings ask us to review your website.

2020 Impact Listing Google Page 1
2020 Impact Brisbane Websites Google Listing

In this example the meta page title from Secret 3.0 was indexed by Google to become the purple heading on Google's listing. 'Website Packages and SEO for Small Business, The Gap' originated from the web page meta title. The green URL is indexed from the page file tag and displayed on line two. The grey body text is indexed from the page meta description on lines 3 and 4.

When making titles for a web page consider what's better to promote, a business name or a product/service description? My suggestion is to use both if title space permits (60 characters), or do multiple pages if space issues. This way you can cater for searches with your name (and item description) and for simple searches (item description only).

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Secret 5.0 The Importance of XML Sitemap Submission

An XML sitemap is a computer generated file that records information about a website's URLs and volume of pages i.e. the importance of each page, when last updated and how many URLs in the website. The XML sitemap allows a site to be more intelligently crawled and indexed by search engines.

The XML sitemap is normally produced when a site is finalised and hosted on a server, with specialty software. The file is placed in the root directory of the hosting account and should be updated after major content changes, then resubmitted to Google to expedite content indexing.

Sitemap example
2020 Impact Rage Sitemap Automator

Sitemap submission is the process of informing a search engine about an XML sitemap and ensuring the sitemap has been crawled. Google has a submission process which includes verifying site webmaster ownership, then submission of the XML sitemap and confirmation it has been crawled.

All major search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask support the use of XML sitemaps in agreement with the industry standard by For more information from Google about sitemaps click here or to request our SEO Starter Pack 1.

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Secret 6.0 The Importance of Google Page Rank

Page Rank is a system developed by Google to indicate the importance of a web page over another. Generally pages with higher Page Rank scores compete for ten organic positions on page one.

To view Page Rank a tool is need that displays the Page Rank scores of web pages. I use WR Complete SEO Analysis and have installed their add-on tool into Google Chrome. When I review a web page it displays the Page Rank score of the page to indicate it's authority. Another method is to visit Web Rank Stats and enter the site URL to display its Page Rank.

Industries like Tourism and Accommodation, Government sites and major Internet Directories, have high Page Ranking scores between 4-6/10. These sites have thousands of pages and links to give you an indication of scale. If you have a small website and you're aiming for Google page one with a 1/10 Page Rank, it's going to be a challenge and may require sponsorships to achieve this.

Age factors also impact Page Rank when a site was first built, e.g. young domain age delays ranking score. Entry level scores such as N/A or 0/10 are for new sites, until the site rank grows which can take up to 12 months to score 1/10. Patience is required and keep taking little steps towards score development, e.g. building pages and backlinks to see improvement.

Small niche industries like Mobile Bumper Repairs, have a much easier task of reaching Google page one with a score 0-1/10, as not many competitors exist or market themselves online.

Web Rank State Complete SEO Analysis
Web Rank Stats Complete SEO Analysis

An average Page Rank for a small site (10 page) is around 1/10 and building more content pages can assist a site reach 2/10, e.g sites with 200+ pages. To increase the score an investment in off-page factors, such as quality industry networks and memberships, quality backlinks, YouTube videos and social media are needed.

If the best Australian Internet directories and Government sites rank around 4-6/10, which are large websites with thousands of pages, it's going to be a challenge for small businesses in competitive industries to list on page one in the free organic column.

Another factor is Google scores home pages higher than internal pages, therefore a new site should aim to develop their home page rank first, with off-page factors like strategic backlinks to the home URL, before focusing on developing internal pages.

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Secret 7.0 Understand Google Page Rank Analysis

To achieve page one for a desired search term or collection of search terms some research is required on the top ten listings, and the Page Rank scores of the listings. This is done to evaluate the potential of achieving page one for each search term.

The potential is determined by averaging out the Page Rank scores of the listings and the scores of the associated home pages. Then comparing the scores to the Page Rank of the new page attempting to achieve a page one listing. This can be done manually or with software that will do the comparison.

Keyword SEO Pro was developed by David A Viniker a medical doctor from the UK, who applied evidence based research techniques to the software. Keyword SEO Pro analyses Google's page one top ten organic listings x Google's Page Rank scores x Keyword terms. The outcome is the evaluation of what keywords are potentially achievable for page one organic listings, based on Page Rank scores.

SEO Pro Example Report
Keyword SEO Pro Report Sample

In the example above the red cells in the right column (URLS) indicate when homes pages are listed in the Google search (G-factor 1). The green cells in the left column (home pages) indicate when home pages receive a boost from off-page optimisation efforts i.e. industry backlinks and memberships (G-factor 2).

The main benefit of this analysis is the segmentation of desired keywords into groups of what are potentially achievable for page one organic listings from a site's Page Rank scores, and what keywords are outside a site's ability for organic page one listings, due to low scores.

Once keyword listing potential is known efforts can be focussed on developing web pages for keywords and search terms that can achieve organic page one listings. For more information see Keyword SEO Pro or our Keyword Marketing Package.

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Secret 8.0 The Importance of Sponsored Listings (Adwords Advertising)

The 'Sponsored Links' sections on Google (Zone 1 & 2) are for Google Adwords advertisers who pay-per-click when someone clicks their ad. This can be good for medium sized businesses who want the increased traffic from page one, but can't make page one organically due to high competition. Adwords advertising provides an opportunity to sponsor the page one position.

To start Google Adwords advertising you need a Google Adwords account, a list of keywords people use to search your products or services and some competitive marketing specials to feature in the ads. Once you get started Google is helpful in providing keyword ideas and suggested bids for page one.

The advertiser promotes desired search terms with keywords and advertisements, and has budget to pay the market price (suggested bid) for these keywords. This can vary from $0.10 to $10.00 per click for a keyword. Google then decides if to split 'Sponsored Links' into two zones and whether a listing appears in top Zone 1 or right side Zone 2.

In the example below ABSOE sponsors the terms 'Shop Fittings Brisbane' with an Adwords ad and achieves listing 1 in Zone 1. They achieve this because the ad has a high quality score 10/10, e.g. the search term, ad and web page match, it includes 4 related Sitelinks (mannequins, shop fittings, racks and showcases) and uses an address Ad Extension.

Google provides quality scores for ads to influence the listing position and bid cost. If an advertiser uses Sitelinks and Ad Extensions or they match their keyword to advertisement to web page correctly, they will boost their ad quality score and be able to list on page one for a lower bid price.

Adwords Advertising Example
Adwords Advertising Example

Some advantages and disadvantages of Adwords Advertising:


- Affordable for medium sized businesses from $500.00 per month

- Low volume keyword bids can start from 0.05 or 0.10 cents

- Can be efficient advertising when set-up correctly

- Can advertise on search and display networks

- Immediate (turn on or off as required)

- Daily and monthly budgets can be controlled

- Page one becomes accessible

- Scheduled advertising control

- Geographic targeting available

- Can run multiple ads simultaneous, e.g. split testing

- Can run analytic reports (on paid traffic & searches)

- Can activate negative keywords to prevent ads


- Many clicks are from researchers (not buyers)

- Some clicks are from sales representatives (not buyers)

- Some clicks are from competitors (not buyers)

- Some clicks are inadvertent visitor mistakes

- Some budgets don't permit page one bids and listings

- Can be competitive in some industries, e.g. Accommodation & Tourism

- Suggested bids can get up to $10 for competitive terms

Tip: Start with low bids 25% of the suggested bid and be careful not to let the 'fox look after the hens'.

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Secret 9.0 The Importance of Strategic Partner Links

What are strategic partners and how can they help achieve a Google page one listing? A strategic partner is a website that can assist access to Google's page one. This might be a specialised Internet directory, a Government site or a manufacturer's site that promotes suppliers in Australia.

The key is to research popular search terms for an industry, review the top ten page one organic listings, then look for a potential strategic partner who can provide a listing and backlink for a new website. When a potential partner is found, e.g. Gumtree directory, request the opportunities for listings, ads and backlinks.

Success with a Strategic Partner
Toe-In Reef Surfing

The benefits from high ranking strategic partners are usually worth the investment. You get increased traffic from targeted partner backlinks and Google values quality backlinks, which can increase a site's importance to Google's algorithm and Page Rank score.

Another way to develop strategic partners is to look at successful competitor sites and review their backlinks to see what opportunities are available. On Google you can do this with link: command searches to identify backlinks or with Webmaster Tools to see more link information.

When the first strategic partner is established, don't stop, keep looking to find potential partners and repeat the until the new site has listings from a variety of partner sites.

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Secret 10.0 The Importance of Google's Keyword Planner

Google's Keyword Search Planner is a service offered by Google Adwords which allows users to search a domain name or phrase and output a list of search terms. The results include monthly search volumes (local and global), competition scores, estimated Adwords bids and 12-month search volumes.

The information provided can be downloaded in CSV format then analysed in Microsoft Excel to select the most popular local search terms or niche terms for developing Adwords ads or strategic landing pages for organic search listings. Google likes content and the more pages on a website the better.

Google's Keyword Planner Example
Google Keyword Tool Screen Grab

It's common to see on page one large sites (hundreds of pages) with quality content pages and video embeds getting priority over small sites. But how do you know how many pages are ideal for a website? Research your industry and competitor websites, look at their sitemaps to get a guide on how many pages they built. From my experience aim for 200 pages as soon as possible and don't be surprised if you find competitors with 500+ pages.

For more information see Google Keyword Planner or ask about our Keyword Marketing Package.

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Bonus Secret - Improve Results with Traffic Metrics:

The traffic numbers and popularity associated with websites, Internet directories and search engines are important to understand to ensure efficient online marketing. Check out the Top Websites in Australia here.

Data courtesy

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Digital Marketing Specials:

We offer a range of small business digital marketing specials including web design, SEO, social media, email marketing and video production. For more information See Our Specials Packages.

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