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Free SEO Tools that improve website performance

Website SEO when done correctly should ensure a website complies to evolving industry standards, many of which come from Google and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Thankfully there are a range of tools that exist and make life easier for small business web designers and SEO enthusiasts. Some tools are free to install and can be upgraded if more services are needed.

Two of my favourite tools I use and recommend to provide an overview of a website’s construction standards, quality of build and configuration, and to highlight any technical issues are below.


Screaming Frog SEO Software

Screaming Frog by Screaming Frog Limited UK is a must for all SEO enthusiasts. The software is easy to install on a Mac or PC and simple to use for everyone to evaulate a website.

free seo tools that improve website performance

Screaming Frog provides a website review of 500 URLs for free and outlines SEO elements, response codes, redirections, URLs blocked by robots.txt, internal and external links, broken links, duplicated meta details (titles/descriptions/keywords), H1s, H2s, and content, which Google discourages.

Screaming Frog can help you zero in on the issues that need repairs, like broken links and duplicated content, and help you prioritise website refurbishments that are needed to improve your website standards and authority, e.g. Google PageRank. Install Screaming Frog here.


Check My Links SEO Extension

Another tool I employ is Check My Links by Paul Livingstone, an essential for all web designers and a fast way to ensure all links on a web page are valid. This Chrome extension is installed from the webstore and sits in the top right side header of the browser.

free seo tools that improve website performance

Check My Links provides a web page review of the valid links, warnings and invalid links by highlighting the status of each link on a web page with a colour coding that makes it fast to find broken links.

I like to employ this tool after using other website review applications to locate invalid links on-page. It saves time having to click all links on a web page to determine their validity and you can check multiple pages simultaneously by opening multiple tabs.

Install Chrome browser first if you don't have it, Google's Internet browser, then install Check My Links extension from the webstore. Install Google Chrome here or install Check My Links here.


Check My Links Display (Pre-fix)

Below is a web page before two broken links are fixed, see links highlighted in red. To start a review select the website or desired web page/s in Chrome then select the CML button (top right) and wait for the analysis to begin.

In a few seconds you will see the status of all links on the web page. They will be highlighted in green, yellow or red making it easy to locate the warning (yellow) or broken links (reds) along with error codes (404, 500 etc).

free seo tools that improve website performance


Check My Links Display (Post-fix)

Below is a web page after two broken links are fixed, see link highlighted in green. To fix the links either remove them or go into your HTML file or CMS system and update the expired URLs.

Another benefit of Check My Links is you can use it on popular blog or article sites to find 3rd party broken links, then approach webmasters about fixing or replacing broken links with your own article to grow your external links and website authority.

This tactic can also provide direction on future article topics and increase your chances of obtaining high quality links from authority sources.

free seo tools that improve website performance

If you would like to learn more about SEO tools, successful SEO tactics or enquire about affordable SEO packages for small business, contact Troy Miller for more information.




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