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Our mission is to assist small business with affordable SEM (search engine marketing) and Internet marketing services.


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The Gap is a tree-lined suburb in the North Western suburbs of Brisbane approximately 10 kms from the central business district. The Gap was named for its geographical surroundings as it's located in a valley surrounded by mountains, e.g. Mount Coot-tha, Mt Nebo and Taylor Range.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be explained as ensuring a website is listed by search engines, e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN and it's content is linked to third parties for further Internet propagation, e.g. Government and Industry. As a website grows it's primary objective to become a central information hub for business marketing and new customer enquiry. This involves a range of activities, investment and sponsoring of the website and third parties:

• Government website listings (industry and geographic)

• Industry membership listings (Chamber-of-Commerce)

• Targeted directory sponsorships (industry leaders)

• Social media pages, posts and ads (Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, etc)

• Social media interactions, Share/Like/Follow buttons

• Social media group memberships, posts and interations

• Social media automation and analytics, e.g. Hootsuite

• Downloadable white papers, compelling research and resources

• Online selling sites, e.g. Gumtree, Grey's Online, eBay

• Online comparison sites, e.g.

• Competition websites and sponsorships

• Coupon websites and sponsorships

• Sampling websites and sponsorships

• Database email marketing, e.g. MailChimp, Constant Contact

• Marketing automation of content and eDMs, e.g. Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot

• Google Adwords advertising (Search and Display Networks)

• Affiliate Marketing websites and sponsorships

• Targeted online banner and magazine ads (industry)

• You Tube educational videos

• Guest posting industry articles, e.g. Ezine articles

• Public relations 'Press Releases' (online)

• Targeted forum engagement and comments

• Inbound backlinks from all the above



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How To Begin Search Engine Marketing

A main goal of SEM is to become heavily linked with third party authority websites, who display information on your products and services due to sponsorships and natural linking to your content. As third parties become indexed by search engines your content starts to propagate further over the Internet. A benefit of this approach is the flow of their PageRank authority to your site.

SEM starts with reviewing site content and listings on search engines for keywords relating to main business services and products. It requires analysis of Google's listings compared to on-page content and meta details (source code). This indicates if Google listing snippets come from your site or if fixes or additional content is required for more listings?

One way to begin SEM is with a list of popular keywords from Google's Keyword Planner (formerly Keyword Search Tool), then analysis of a website's content (meta details, titles, descriptions, headings) and listings on Google for these keywords. Best practice is to collect a website's listings for target keyword searches, then build content and compare against future listings.

If you need assistance with search engine marketing, see our small business SEM Starter Pack 1, to create these items and learn SEM methods.

For more on SEM see our Free Digital Marketing Audit Questionnaire


Keyword Marketing

Google Analytics Adwords

Keyword Marketing From $396.00*

Analysis is required on whether organic listing potential on Google page 1 is possible? This is determined by Google's PageRank scores (authority measure) of the competing pages listed on page 1, and evaluated against the PageRank score of a new website. Google allocates a PageRank score to each web page based on many factors, e.g. Government and Industry backlinks, domain age, online investment, content quality and social media signals.

Our KM service can determine your site's listing potential by looking at Google page 1 listings for a search term, then evaluating the Page Ranking Score Range (PRSR) for all listed sites. If a new site's Page Rank is 1/10 (small site score) and Google's PRSR is 1-3/10, then optimising the site for this search term is ok, as it has listing potential. However if the PRSR is 3-6/10 (large site score) then another search term will be better, as the page 1 listing potential is zero.

When site authority is lacking in competitive industries, Google Adwords advertising is an option to achieve page 1. Another tactic is using long-tail search terms and landing pages, that are geographically specific, e.g. the-gap-website-search-marketing-explained.html. Long tail searches are less competitive than short tail searches and they increase page 1 listings.

If you need assistance with keyword marketing, see our small business KM Starter Pack 1, to create these items and learn KM methods.



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If you want to succeed on the Internet you need to focus on the major search engines. There are many search engines around the world but only one search engine has the majority of search traffic. Google is number one with almost 90% of search traffic in Australia, according to Experian Hitwise, a leading Internet research company, followed by Bing who supplies data for Yahoo and MSN, then Ask.

A good approach is to start with Google as they have the traffic, analytic tools and reports to assist website marketing. Best practice is to submit an XML sitemap via Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) to ensure your site is indexed and listed. Once Google has listed your site correctly, submission to Bing will get your listed on Bing along with Yahoo and MSN. We check Google listings with site: command searches and Google Webmaster tools (Search Console) to ensure a site is listed.

We teach clients how to get listed on the most popular search engines and develop strategies on how to move up the rankings. For more information see our SEO Starter Pack 1. We list sites with the most popular Internet directories for specific industries and explain the benefits of premium directory listings to help improve website authority and organic performance on Google.

To see the current leading search engines visit Hitwise Data Centre.

To see the top 100 Australia Websites and leading search engines visit Alexa Top Sites in Australia.

For more information on search engines visit National Library of Australia.




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